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Carrot Patch ™ - Top Rated Interactive Dog Toy

Carrot Patch ™ - Top Rated Interactive Dog Toy

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We want to provide our beloved pups with the best possible life and all its comforts.

Some days you just can't walk them outside or they need to be left alone, should they suffer when that happens? No...

With the Carrot Farm dog toy in their life, you can keep them entertained for hours. Stimulating their minds and keeping them active.

Simply hide dog treats in the soil cushion and watch them sniff and harvest the carrots.

  • An indoor solution to tire out high-energy dogs
  • Easy activity to keep your dogs mentally stimulated
  • Suitable for small & big dogs
  • Unlimited hours of fun for your dog to play hide and seek!
Interactive Carrot Farm Plush Dog Toy Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys

Keep Your Dog Stimulated - Dogs have a natural tendency to search and hunt/hide and seek. Let your dog harness their natural desire to hunt. This will keep them mentally and physically active, making sure they stay healthy and stimulated!

Reduce Separation Anxiety - Our Carrot Farm keeps your dog occupied and serves as a distraction from feeling separation anxiety when you leave the house!

"My dog had serious separation anxiety whenever we would leave. Since we got the Carrot Farm, we hide the treats in the soil and he happily sniffs away as we leave. He is so much calmer about us leaving now!" - Victoria M.

Keeping them occupied for hours with the carrot farm is the perfect solution to reducing the chance of separation anxiety.

Reduces Boredom and Behavioral Issues - Studies have shown that less playtime leads to behavioral issues such as anxiety and aggression. 

Playing is the key to a dog's happiness. Our Carrot Farm is designed to put your dog's nose and brain to work!

Machine Washable Cover Stay hygienic and prolong the life of your dog's favorite toy with our removable and machine washable cover.

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